Welcome to Life with Pets! Where all things are revolved around our furry little friends that we love so much.

Now offering three packages to purrr-fectly capture your pets.


This mini package will capture you and your pet on your daily walk- including all the sniffs, smiles and play time. I will simply join you on a walk taking photos of the getting ready, the walk itself, stop for a few posed photos, and voila you are done. Simple and easy.


What’s included?

  • Thirty minute photoshoot

  • 15 edited photos





Want to remember all the snuggles and good times you have with your pet in your very own home? This is the package for you. I will come to your home and capture your day to day life with your pet. All the toys, treats, walks, talks, and everything else in between will be photographed. All those moments you never want to forget with your furry friends.


Whats’s included?

  • One hour photoshoot

  • 30 edited photos




Do you go camping, hiking, swimming, or surfing (etc) with your pet? This package is for all the the adventure pet people. I will tag along on one of your adventure and photograph all the fun and enjoyment you have with your pet. These are the moments we live for- and never want to forget.


What’s included?

  • 1.5- 2 hour photoshoot

  • 50 edited photos



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